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Wow... [Feb. 7th, 2004|08:55 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |D1 -- YGO original soundtrack]

Heh. Just when I was thinking of giving up the journal (Updates won't be daily though. You'll be lucky to get them weekly) I found a whole new, completely wretched site to sue...
As someone said... if fanfiction.net is the heaven of fanfiction, this site is the absolute HELL.
Lucky for me, it only has 43 POTC fics thus far...

TITLE: Choices I Must Make Yes, there are two different links there. It seems that it is near impossible to have a multichaptered fic there, and you must post up all the chapters seperatly. The second link is the second chapter, and the introduction to the sue.
AUTHOR: Bloomluv26 ... yes... she does mean ORLANDO bloom...

NAME(S): Corie.
HAIR: 'Her long dark hair was tied back'
EYES: None described.
RATING: Aweful

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: A rotten ship and a crew she left drunk.
ORIGIN: They found her in Tortuga.
HISTORY: A girl who knew Jack. They may or may not have been lovers. She's a pirate who inhereted her fathers ship... don't know much more.
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: Jack seems to have a thing for her. Anamaria hates her. She'll end up with Will.
NOTES: ... -.-;... Will gets amnesia. From the old pirates of the Black Pearl. You know, the ones that Norrington was suppose to kill.
Jack takes him aboard his ship, without bothering to tell Elizabeth. There are no paragraphs in the second chapter.
Norrington knew of the pirates in Port Royal and did nothing about it...
Will is missing for a day, and Elizabeth is preparing to be wed to Norrington XP Because, we all know that's so IC...

...-.-;...I'm not even going to bother commenting on this...Collapse )

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Last Post [Feb. 6th, 2004|07:59 pm]
Sorry. I can't keep this running. With lots of homework, and other stuff, I won't be able to keep this updated daily. I'd be lucky if I could update it weekly -.-;
Maybe when summer comes along, I'll have more time for it.
Until the, I hope potcsues doesn't mind me handing the full responsibility to her...
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2004|11:51 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

TITLE: Miracle Child
AUTHOR: Cap'n Keira Sparrow **Sighs** Captian Kay Sparrow, and now this? Next we'll have a Captian Kyla Sparrow (Oh Ra no...)

NAME(S): Tory Eliza Turner
AFFILIATION: Fifteen Year Old Blacksmith...
HAIR: 'dark brown-blackish hair'
EYES: '"She has your eyes." [Will] told Elizabeth looking real proud.' in a jar...

ORIGIN: I'm assuming Port Royal (Does anyone know how to spell it? I wanna keep tacking an E to the back -.-;)
HISTORY: Ever since school, she had wanted to learn to sword fight. Now that she's been out of school for a few year (She's 15 mind you...), he father has finally taught her.
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: Will and Elizabethes daughter.
NOTES: ...Who wants me to sue the authors other story. It's one with Jack and Anamaria's daughter, and Will and Elizabeth's son, and if I remember correctly, Will takes up piracy once Jack leaves... *Shrugs*.
Because I have nothing better to do this morning, I'm going to be making comments... again (It's ever so much fun).

Aww, the little thing is bornCollapse )
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Jack's Daughters... [Jan. 28th, 2004|07:13 pm]
Well, someone asked. I went to check.. O_o;; And... I could've sworn there were more!!!
I found one at potcsues
There were none at piratesues
I have had three....

How come I'm stuck with all of Jack's daughters? And howcome I can remember sueing alot more than three???
Then again, I must remember that there are probably hundreds lurking on the web... I musn't get my hopes up too high...
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Hehe... sorry 'bout that [Jan. 28th, 2004|05:57 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Chokehold (Coaked 'n' Loaded) -- Children of Bodom]

Sorry about not updating for a while. I've had exams (my final one tomorrow) and some teenage angst to deal with ^_^ But I'm back!!! **Cheers** ... -.-;

TITLE: The Search For Captain Jack Sparrow
AUTHOR: Chimmoku NOOOO~~~!!! She defiles the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom (my fandom). She also defiles:
Yu Yu Hakusho
Gundam Wing
and Inuyasha. Though, it seems like there aren't any sues in the Gundam Wing and Yu-Gi-Oh...

NAME(S): Lela Sparrow
AFFILIATION: Pirate? Or about to become one.
HAIR: 'blackish brown with slight curls'
EYES: 'green (like Kurama's (yu yu hakusho)'
SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: None mentioned yet. But probably a compass that doesn't point north will appear -.-;
ORIGIN: I can't tell if it's Port Royal, or Tortuga. The story takes place in Port Royal (I think), but judging who her parents are...
HISTORY: Her mothers dead. (Surprise surprise). She's off to find her father (I'll give you three guesses. And the first two don't count.)
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: The daughter of... dududududu!!! 'Annamaria'.... annnnnndddddd..... Jack. Anyone who couldn't guess doesn't get a cookie.
NOTES: This is just two easy. She had all the info in her 'bio' of the story. If anyone wishes to report it, be my guest ^___^ Because I'm bored today, I have more comments for this fic ^___^ Italics are mine, once again.

You heard the lady. Don't sue her. She's done a good enough job herself.Collapse )

And the next chapter consists of - her bio!!!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2004|09:20 pm]
[mood |indescribable]

TITLE: Jack's Captives? What's the point of the question mark?...someone?...Anyone?
AUTHOR: WhiteSword6621

NAME(S): Jennifer 'Jen'.
AFFILIATION: None... she must have some respectable father, however, since she's at some big fancy party.
HAIR: 'the ringlets framing her face still hot from the curlers'
EYES: None mentioned.
ORIGIN: 'Port Royale'. I'm assuming. Maybe they're just visiting?
HISTORY: None yet.
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: They've been kidnapped by Jack?
NOTES: ...Jack takes hostages -.-; The only thing that makes me not list Nicole as a sue is that she's ... well... bashed...sort of...
...-.-;...just...Collapse )
Thank Ra. She has no other stories.
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Will children. [Jan. 22nd, 2004|08:34 pm]
[mood |cynicalcynical]

**Sighs** And for a moment I thought we had some legitimate sue's.
This one has a brother-stu as well.

TITLE: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Ghost of Barbossa ...*Snickers*
AUTHOR: Roo-Roo ... **Snickers again**

NAME(S): Jon and Natalie Turner
AFFILIATION: Jon I think is becoming a blacksmith? *Shrugs*
HAIR: Jon: 'light brown hair'
Natalie: 'Long, flowing brown hair fell down her back in lovely curls'
How come brother-stu only has three words describing his hair, yet sister-sue has 11?
EYES: Natalie: 'sparkling with a dancing light, looked maginificent when the light caught them' Well, I suppose that they couldn't have that dancing light unless the light caught them...
Jon: 'sparkling brown eyes'
Once again, he has 3 words describing him, while she has 12.
UNUSUAL MARKINGS/COLOURATIONS: Jon: 'his fingers, red and swollen, were rough' .... How often do you see red, swollen, red fingers on an 11 year old anyways?
SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: None that I've spotted.
ORIGIN: Port Royal I'm guessing.
HISTORY: None.. I don't think...
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: They're Elizabeth and Will's children.
NOTES: **Sighs** Maybe Jon won't be so bad. But... ARG!!!
There isn't Norrinigton bashing in this fic....
There's Norrington's son bashing in this fic....
*Sighs* ... And the sue already has a fanclub of admirers...
Wow ^_^ I'm actually going to make comments on the fic!! Praise me =P. Everything in italics is my comments...Collapse )

Sorry about that everyone. I'm feeling alittle cynical right now... -.-;
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2004|07:11 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]

**Is trying to find a short sue today since she has drama tonight**
Sorry if the ... thingy isn't completed very well... I'll try my best though.

TITLE: The Story of Us Oh...how very ... erm... creative...

NAME(S): Jade
AFFILIATION: I don't know. She denies being a whore... so.... *Shrugs* ... but wait! Don't all sues deny that? Dont most sues end up sleeping with Jack within the first 10 chapters as well?
HAIR: 'Mid-long dark brown hair.' At least she didn't put that in the story. It was in the author notes. ... Mid-long? I need some clarification here...
EYES: 'storm grey eyes'
ORIGIN: Tortuga. Who didn't see that coming?
HISTORY: None mentioned yet.
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: She went on the Black Pearl, knowing damn well what it was, and fell asleep.
Smart lass, ain't she?
NOTES: It switches tenses >.< So... annoying.
The second chapter reminds me of that sceen where Elizabeth decided to dine with the captian rather than the crew.
And I have an eyelash in my contact...
Awww... shes so s~m~a~r~t.Collapse )

Yeah, like the lack of reviews will stop her from continuing?
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Two 'sues and a Stu [Jan. 20th, 2004|07:41 pm]
[music |Track 8 on the Trance/Dance CD my Band Teacher burned me.]

-.-;... I was wondering when the mulitpul sues would begin flocking...

TITLE: Not Silver and Gold
AUTHOR:Lykosdracos ...Harry Potter author perhaps? I'll have to check.

NAME(S): Stu: Christopher 'Chris' Ronorak
Sue1: Alexandria 'Alexia' Chodace
Sue2: Katarina 'Kat' Lyrakos
AFFILIATION: Chris is a blacksmith/swordsman/about to be pirate/does odd jobs/pick-pocketer/pick-locker.
The 'sues are ladies, and most likely don't have jobs.
HAIR: Sues (at least, I think this is meant for both of them): My long black hair was down to my waist and we wore no wig like most women chose to do. We look so alike that people mistake us for sisters.
Stu: 'His blonde hair was short'
EYES: Sue1: 'I have green eyes'
Sue2: 'hers are dark gray, almost purple.'
Stu: 'his blue-green eyes were light this morning.'
UNUSUAL MARKINGS/COLOURATIONS: None that I can find. Unless sue2's purple eyes count?
SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: Sue2 has a flask of rum with her seemingly all the time (though, she never drinks it... or was that Sue1?). Chris has his sword with him all the time. I haven't noticed any others.
ORIGIN: All three are from Port Royal...
HISTORY: Stu: 'I was born as child to a woman who had nothing left in life. She raised me as well as she could, then one day she left and never returned. I was about eight at that time. I had taught myself several useful things worth knowing. I can pick locks, pockets, and anything else that you might think of.

I learned sword-fighting after I found a sword near a dead man outside of a tavern. It seems that he had too much to drink and picked a fight with the wrong people. I watched and know how to fire a pistol, and I can fight weaponless to if situation calls for it.

Learning how to read was more difficult, there are different boarding- houses/ orphanages that I was sent to by the officers in charge. I learned to write, read, and speak properly there. It was either that or face their consequences. I escaped once I was fourteen and from then on I managed to get a few jobs around the city and don't lack for money.

Katiana and Alexia saw me picking the pocket of an elderly man who had no need for all the extra change in his pockets.

I taught them how to sword-fight, refined by William Turner of course, and they introduced me to several upstanding people who I now can count on for weekly wages.'

Sue2: ' Katiana made the introductions, [Chris] later realized that her past had been somewhat the same as [Chris'], and the three of us became good friends'
'The interesting thing about Katiana is that she isn't really the daughter of Irachon Lyracos, her real mother passed away a long time ago and her mother's cousin took her in when she was five years old. She doesn't speak much about it, but from what I'm told she used to live near the ocean then too and she had much more freedom then she does here.'

Sue1: None mentioned yet. I don't think so anyways.
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: They've talked to Jack in jail, and plan to bust him out, and Chris is making negotiations with him to join his ship.
All three of them know Will, Christ studies under him.
NOTES: "Jack slurred his voice took on the slur of a drunk and his eyes were hooded and tired." **Snickers** .. You know... I'm beginning to think potcsues has a good thing going with her "Best line" thing.
SHIT O_O The chapters are reproducing. When I first started reading it, there were 2 chapters. Now there are four!!
I'm sorry -.-; I have no idea what's going on.
And if I had a special abilities section, I'd have "Kat can manipulate any conversation in her favor, Chris can pick...everything, and Alexia doesn't have one".
Kat is the main sue. Chris seems important. Alexia seems to just be a bonus sue.
The story is called "Not Silver and Gold" the first line of the story is "Not Silver or Gold." What does this tell you about the authors...attentionness?

Is anyone else as confused as I am?Collapse )
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*sighs* Paragraphless... and she stole my 'Sue name!!! *Cries* [Jan. 19th, 2004|08:49 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |Lord of the Rings]

First Hope 'sue (Besides my own) and I am greatly grieved. ((I grew rather attached to Hope in the time I was writing her, now she's in my original fiction with a few tweaks to her character)). Figures I'd find one on such a lousy day.

TITLE: The Dragon's Eye

NAME(S): Hope Danforth
AFFILIATION: Daughter of Port Royal's Minister (if that counts) and a swordswomen.
HAIR: None described
EYES: None described
ORIGIN: Port Royal
HISTORY: 'The day pirates invaded Port Royal you had proposed to my sister. You were coming home to tell us when they attacked. Katherine was shot and died a few hours later. That day you and I vowed that we would hunt down the pirates that had taken her from us and kill them.'
CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: Lesse. Norringtons ex-best friend and family friend, Will and Elizabeth's childhood friend, and Port Royal's ministers daughter. Oh, and her and Jack are in love (We all knew that was coming).
NOTES: @_@ I am so confused. That's all there is to say.
"I think we've all arrived at a special place, aye. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically." --Isn't that suppose to be 'dramatically'?
The lack of paragraphs and something else hurts my eyes. Yes, this <i>is</i> chapter oneCollapse )
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